Race announcement for the 24h of Dubai 2023

Sporting regulations

1. introduction

The event SRC 24h Dubai 2023 will be held in accordance with the rules of the SimRaceCommunity. It takes place in accordance with the sporting and technical regulations of the series.

The competitions are carried out according to the regulations of the SimRaceCommunity, unless otherwise specified below or in the respective event announcement.

The series is supported by the following companies:

SRC Commerce UG

2. Organization

2.1 Details of the series’ titles and ratings

The SimRaceCommunity in the following called series advertiser, announces for the year 2023 the SRC 24h Dubai 2023.

Only vehicles from one of the following categories are used as the vehicle class:

Each team can select and register one of the 13 vehicle types from all rFactor2 GT3 packs. The “Balance of Performance” is the responsibility of the developer Studio 397, the SRC has no influence on the performance of the vehicles. The league management reserves the right to make exceptions.

The BMW M4 GT3 from Studio397 will not be admitted due to the insufficient BoP.

2.2 Name of the organizer / promoter, address and contact details


2.3 Simulation used

As part of the series, the rFactor 2 simulation including the required mod packages is used.

3. Provisions of the series

3.1 Official language

Basically, all written and linguistic instructions are given in German. In exceptional cases, an English translation can be submitted.

3.2 Responsibility, changes to the tender, cancellation of the event

  • Die Teilnehmer (Fahrer) nehmen auf eigene Gefahr an der Veranstaltung teil. Sie tragen die alleinige zivil- und strafrechtliche Verantwortung für alle von ihnen verursachten Schäden, soweit kein Haftungsausschluss nach dieser Ausschreibung vereinbart wird.
  • Die Ausschreibung darf grundsätzlich nur durch den Serienausschreiber und die genehmigende Stelle geändert werden. Ab Beginn der Veranstaltung können Änderungen in Form von Bulletins nur durch den Vorsitzenden der ReKo vorgenommen werden, jedoch nur, wenn aus Gründen der Sicherheit und / oder höherer Gewalt oder aufgrund behördlicher Anordnung notwendig ist bzw. die in der Ausschreibung enthaltenen Angaben über Streckenlänge, Renndauer, Rundenzahl und Sportwarte oder offensichtliche Fehler in der Ausschreibung betrifft.
  • Der Veranstalter behält sich das Recht vor, die Veranstaltung oder einzelne Wettbewerbe aus vorgenannten Gründen abzusagen oder zu verlegen. Schadensersatz- oder Erfüllungsansprüche sind für diesen Fall ausgeschlossen.

4. Entry submission

4.1 Registrations / entries, authorization to start

The team must apply for admission to the SRC 24h Dubai 2023 with the entry form issued by the series promoter by the entry deadline, 16.01.2023.

The series organizer reserves the right to accept applications that are received later.

The completed application can be found here:

Online registration

The series promoter reserves the right not to hold the event SRC 24h Dubai 2023 in case of less than 30 registered participants.

Registrations will be processed according to the date of receipt. Only registrations for which the registration fee has been received will be processed. The registration is only accepted and binding after receipt of payment and written confirmation by the series organizer. (Entrylist)

4.2 Classes

All vehicles start in the GT3 class.

4.2 Entry fee for the event

Every SimRaceCommunity member, with paid annual membership fee, is allowed to enter 1 car to the SRC 24h Dubai event and has to be specified as official team manager.

Non SRC members have to pay 30€ entry fee per vehicle.

4.3 Starting numbers

When registering, the participants choose a desired start number, taking into account the start numbers already selected. Start number 1 will be given to last year’s winner.

4.4 Skins

Prepare the skins as specified in the regulations of the SimRaceCommunity and submit them by January 16, 2023 // 10 p.m. (CET).
Template download: Templates
Uploadlink: Skinupload

4.5 Eligibility to Launch

Each team that has paid the entry fee of 30€ per vehicle may participate in the event. SRC members with a paid membership fee may register 1 vehicle free of charge and must be named as the team manager.

5. Licences

5.1 Driver and Teams

Teams consist of at least 2 drivers.

If possible, each team has its own pit spot.

5.2 Guest driver / Guest start

Guest starts are not permitted.

5.3 Substitute driver

If a registered driver is unable to take part in the event at short notice, the team manager is obliged to report this to the race director.

5.4 Team Change

Drivers may also be used in other teams. However, prizes and trophies will only be awarded to the registered drivers of the team with the better placement.

6. Events

6.1 General implementation

Only teams that have paid the full entry fee before the start of the event will be admitted to the race.

6.2 Driver registration and waiting list

If a team is again expected not to be able to take part in the event, the team must be deregistered by the team manager.

If teams are on the waiting list, they move up as soon as a registered team has been discharged.

6.3 Maximum number of vehicles allowed

The maximum number of vehicles allowed is: 46(subject to change)

6.4 Conducting the competitions

a) Training

If the organizer can do, a training server for free training is provided all day and all the time between the races. Free trainings are generally not streamed. Special training and test days will be announced in the racing calendar. Special trainings can be streamed by the organizer.

b) Qualification

The qualification will take place on 20.01.2023 20:00h (CET). All teams have 60 minutes to drive their fastest lap. There is no lap limit. The first 10 drivers compete for the Top10 qualification.

In the top 10 qualification, each driver has a warm-up lap and a fast lap in which he is alone on the track. The drivers are called on individually.

c) Start und Pre-Start

The race begins with the formation lap. It cannot be overtaken! Overtaking during the introductory / formation lap is only permitted if a vehicle was late when leaving the grid and the vehicles behind it could not avoid driving past.

The leader sets the speed, but should adhere to a directional speed of approx. 130 km/h. The start takes place classically standing in rows of two. The start box is signaled by the simulation with a red box.

The race is automatically released by rFactor2.

Early starts punish the game with a drive-through penalty /Stop&Go penalty.

d) Races

The race duration is 24 hours. Race start is on 21.01.2023 at 15:00 (CET).

e) Pitstops

The pit stop times are set by the developer Studio397. In exceptional cases, the league management reserves the right to make adjustments.

f) Restart

There is no restart after the server has started because individual drivers, for whatever reason, had a disconnect. Restarts due to accidents are also excluded. In exceptional cases, for example in the event of technical problems on the server, the race management reserves the right to initiate a restart. In this case, the originally planned race time will be observed if possible.

g) Tracklimits

The track limits are generally penalized by the simulation. 10 cut warnings are set on the server side. With the 11th warning, the simulation awards a drive-through penalty. The cut counter is transmitted when there is a driver change.

If the racing commission recognizes an advantage by shortening the track, it can issue separate penalties.

6.5 Circuit

The SRC Dubai race track will be used.

6.5.1 Weather conditions

The weather conditions are retrieved live from several nearest weather stations of the race track and initiated into the simulation. A suitable server plug-in is used as a weather data station. For example, weather data can be retrieved via Wetteronline.com.

6.5.2 Track conditions

Each track starts with online posting or update “green” without grip. When the track is used by the vehicles, the grip conditions change dynamically. Rain washes off grip that has already been drilled off the track. Dynamic lighting and weather conditions place high demands on the PC hardware. Therefore, every team must ensure that smooth image reproduction is guaranteed on their own computer in all conditions.

6.5.3 Limitation of the track

The route boundary is indicated by a white solid line. If curbs are directly adjacent to the white line in curves outside the route, they count towards the track. There must always be two wheels of the vehicle within these distance limits at all times.

6.6 Driving aids, damage and aids

In principle, the following server settings apply. Exceptions or special regulations can be found in the advertisement.

  • Automatische Kupplung und Schaltung erlaubt
  • Schaden 100%
  • Reifenverschleiß normal
  • Kraftstoffverbrauch normal
  • ABS: vollständig zugelassen
  • Traktionskontrolle: vollständig zugelassen

7. Scoring

7.1 Minimum requirements

To be counted, at least 75% of the total number of rounds must be covered. If the connection to the server is lost due to client-side problems, only the laps completed online are counted.

7.2 Points table and scoring mode

The following points are awarded for the races:

1st place: 25 points

2nd place: 20 points

3rd place: 16 points

4th place: 13 points

5th place: 11 points

6th place: 10 points

7th place: 9 points

8th place: 8 points

9th place: 7 points

10th place: 6 points

11th place: 5 points

12th place: 4 points

13th place: 3 points

14th place: 2 points

15th place: 1 point

Points must be awarded for the rating tool.

7.3 Equality of points

If there is a tie between several teams in the final evaluation, the race distance covered will be used to evaluate the final place.

7.4 Team Score

All drivers of a car score for their team.

7.5 Titel Overall Winner

The title SRC 24h Dubai – Champion will be awarded to the team that takes the overall victory.

7.6 Prize Money

The SimRaceCommunity provides a total prize money in the amount of 1500€.
The prize money will be paid out as follows:
1st place: 500€
2nd place: 400€
3rd place: 300€

4th place: 200€
5th place: 100€
6th-10th place: 1 year free SRC membership for the drivers of the respective team

8. Protests

Protests are forwarded to the race commission using a form. The race commission examines the cases and decides on the respective penalty. Penalties are recorded live and must be taken.

9. TV rights / advertising and television rights

All copyright and image rights are owned by the organizer, including the images that are taken from television broadcasts of the live stream (s).

All television rights of the series, both for terrestrial transmission as well as for cable and satellite television transmission, all video rights and all rights to exploitation through all electronic media, including the Internet, lie with the organizer.

Any type of recording, broadcasting, repetition or reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited without the written consent of the organizer.

Drivers can stream themselves and their race live. The organizer is free to link this stream or to include it in the organizer stream.


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