Why we prefer rFactor 2 to other simulations

To compare rFactor2 with iRacing and Assetto Corsa, we took the most important key points of the individual simulations.

Valuation scheme

Points 1-6 were evaluated on known objective features from different data sheets of the simulations. Among others, Wikipedia, PC games and Gamestar were used.

For the individual evaluation criteria 1-6, a maximum of 2 points were awarded and colour coded as follows:

2 points

1 point

0 points

As a subjective assessment, different driver opinions were obtained and broken down into point 7. The rating is made up of the percentage of positve ratings.

Honestly, we ourselves are amazed at the result. Assetto Corsa was not our favorite from the start but that rFactor 2 achieved such a high score and dominance in comparison surprises us. We don’t want to anticipate too much – make yourself a picture.



Assetto Corsa

1. Costs

Base 29.99€/one-time payment

Basis approx. 110€/ yearly subscription

Base 19.99€
Ultimate 39.88€ (all DLC incl.)

Vehicle-DLC 4.99€/ in package cheaper

per vehicle 11$

only in DLCs 4.99€

per Track 6.99€ – 11.99€

per Track approx. 14.99$

Tracks only included in DLCs

2. Development

for PC: 2013 (ISI)

for PC: 2016 (Studio397)

for PC: 2008

for PC: 2014

continuous development

continuous development

Development discontinued at the end of 2017

3. Extension/ Modding

Modding allowed

Modding not allowed

Modding allowed

Track-advertising possible

No track-advertising possible

Track-advertising possible

Vehicle painting can be freely designed

Vehicle painting only predetermined or via external software

Vehicle painting can be freely designed

Paints and tracks are shared via raceservers

Paints must be shared manually or via external software

Tracks and liveries must be shared via external software or manually

4. Realism and driving physics

most extensive tire physics

Extensive tire physics

good tire physics

good physical damage model

good physical damage model

good physical damage model

Pit lane with collission

Pit lane without collission

Pit lane without collission

Pitstop not animated

Pitstop animated

Pitstop animated

dynamic rubber abrasion – also weather dependent – always visible

increasing grip on the track – visible depending on the track

rising grip on the track – not dynamic visible

More and more laser-scanned tracks

almost all tracks laser scanned and wide selection

good tracks, less laser scanned, few choices

5. League and event functions in online mode

Replay Local and Server

Replay Local and time-limited server, no automatic storage

Replay only locally or via external software, very memory intensive

Driver rating under construction

very good driver rating system

Driver rating only offline or via external software

open server management

Server management only via iRacing.com

Server management relatively open

Driver change possible

Driver change possible

No driver change

6. Graphic comparison

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
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7. Driver’s perception

After a small survey, we were able to ask users of iRacing, rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa for the following subjective and objective opinions.

best ForceFeedback

real weather/ rain

best price/performance ratio

Day/Night Change

No monthly subscription costs

best tire model

textures that can be improved in places

Even vehicles that you do NOT drive but the opponents must be bought

large number of good mods

Driving physics and engine is also used by racing stables – rFactor Pro

Good image display and VR require high computing performance

Damage model not very detailed with official content – with modded content it looks better

traceable driving behaviour

largest community

many online races

very good rating system

ForceFeedback feedback is ok

cockpit view only

“only useful if money doesn’t matter or you really want to use it”

biggest fun factor

tedious start


Vehicles you do NOT drive do not need to be purchased

better graphics

fair racing

no rain/poor weather effects

large community

no day/night change

ForceFeedback is useful

Vehicles generally understeer unusually strongly

no dynamic weather

Singleplayer ok – Multiplayer

lots of mod content

“Arcarde Game” – Character

Summary Points 1-6

1. Costs




2. Development




3. Extension/ Modding




4. Realism/Driving Physics




5. League and Event Features




6. Graphics

We tried to evaluate the graphic representation objectively. For this purpose, own tests were carried out and aspects such as detail, texture quality, reflections and shadows as well as closeness to reality were evaluated.


rF2 has a good graphics with a high density of detail. Textures are clear and recognizable. Smoke, water and other effects are present. The visible damage model is only mediocre. Shadows and reflections are good. High contrast ratio. Negatively, the graphic processing is very computational intensive. In general, a “blue stitch” can be seen.


iRacing has a mediocre overall graphics. The detail density appears the lowest. Smoke and particle effects are present. For this, there is a very good damage model here, for some vehicles. Shadows, reflections and textures are arranged in the midfield and are rather standard. The low system utilization and natural color display are good. In general, a partially exaggerated “yellow stitch” can be seen.


AC has a good graphics. The detail density is mediocre. Textures and reflexes are good. Smoke and other effects are present. The visible damage model is uniform and better than rF2. The colour scheme is generally realistic. You can see a “yellow stitch”.

Total Points – Category 1-6




7. Driver’s perception/subjective evaluation

78% positive impressions

63% positive impressions

44% positive impressions

Finally, rFactor 2 receives the best overall rating as a simulation in Simracing as well as in an objective comparison.

iRacing has its advantages especially in driver rating and open online mode and is very popular with users. However, he keeps it big point deduction in the cost factor.

Assetto Corsa is equal in the overall rating with iRacing. In general, it can be said that the title simulation may not be chosen quite correctly here, which also reflects the driver’s sensations. There is probably a software class of its own, which could be called Sim-Cade.

No liability is assumed for the correctness of the information!

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