The SRC Historic – series is something for the “nostalgics” among you.

This time we are going to Great Britain with the DTM cars from Tommy78. Also, an invitation race, as was customary at the time, will take place.

You want to see your hero from back then on the podium? Then get in and drive for his pride!

In a nutshell, this means:

  • rFactor 2
  • 55 DTM 1991 vehicles by Tommy78
  • 2x100km race length
  • real-weather
  • Points count on the driver at the time
  • Livestream by our buddy Smeddi and his friends on Twitch

The current race calendar:

Race schedule:

  • Qualifying: 19:30H CET
  • Warmup: 19:45H CET
  • Race: 20:00H CET


  • Race length: 2x100km (converted into laps)
  • Driving aids: switched off
  • Traction control: depending on vehicle
  • ABS: depending on vehicle

Server and miscellaneous:

Server: SRC-Historic

Workshop-Content: Steam

SRC members get a small discount for the DTM 1991 – Season Pass from Tommy78. Further information will follow by e-mail.


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