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Sporting regulations

1. introduction

The SRC Historic series is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the SimRaceCommunity regulations. It takes place in accordance with the sporting and technical regulations of the series.

The competitions are carried out according to the regulations of the SimRaceCommunity, unless otherwise specified below or in the respective event announcement.

The series is supported by the following companies:

SRC Commerce UG

2. Organization

2.1 Details of the series’ titles and ratings

The SimRaceCommunity hereinafter referred to as the series organizer, announces the SRC Historic series for the year 2022.

Only vehicles from one of the following categories are used as the vehicle class:

Each driver can choose from one of the available vehicles of the DTM 91 mod from Tommy78. Vehicles that are not permanently assigned can be occupied by guest drivers. The vehicle developer is responsible for the “balance of performance”.

2.2 Name of the organizer / promoter, address and contact details

2.3 Simulation used

As part of the series, the rFactor 2 simulation including the required mod packages is used.

3. Provisions of the series

3.1 Official language

Basically, all written and linguistic instructions are given in German. In exceptional cases, an English translation can be submitted.

3.2 Responsibility, changes to the tender, cancellation of the event

  • The participants (drivers) take part in the event at their own risk. You bear the sole responsibility under civil and criminal law for all damage caused by you, unless an exclusion of liability is agreed in accordance with this announcement.
  • In principle, the invitation to tender may only be changed by the series organizer and the approving body. From the beginning of the event, changes in the form of bulletins can only be made by the chairman of the ReKo, but only if necessary for reasons of security and / or force majeure or due to official orders or the information on route length and duration of the race contained in the announcement , Number of laps and observers or obvious errors in the tender.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event or individual competitions for the aforementioned reasons. Claims for compensation or performance are excluded in this case.

4. Entry submission

4.1 Registrations / entries, authorization to start

Registration is always possible as long as vehicles are free.

The application can be found here:

Online entry LINK

The series organizer reserves the right not to run the SRC Historic series with fewer than10registered participants.

The Entrylist is live. Depending on the browser, the page needs to be updated. To change an entry, please contact one of the admins via:

4.2 Start authorization

In principle, no training rounds have to be completed, but the penalty for culpable misconduct increases considerably.

0-29 training rounds: Double penalty for culpable misconduct, on the track and during the event. This includes, for example, dealing with each other.

>30 training rounds: Full starting authorization normal penalty.

4.2 Entry fee for the season

There are no fees other than buying the necessary mods. Tommy78 grants SRC members a discount of € 2.50. All information about this will be sent to all forum members via email.

4.3 Starting numbers

The start numbers are taken over and selected as from the series at that time.

4.4 Skins

Own skin designs are not used. Only the skins and vehicles contained in the mod are to be used.

5. Licences

5.1 Driver and Teams

All driver teams are rated as in that season. A driver change is possible at any time via the pit lane.

The pitspot division is carried out independently by the server.

5.2 Guest driver / Guest start

Any interested driver can make guest starts with one of the vehicles available for the respective event.

5.3 Substitute driver

If a vehicle is already registered for a driver, a replacement driver can take over the vehicle at short notice and collect points for the team at that time.

5.4 Change of vehicle during the current season

A vehicle change is not intended for a registered driver. However, if the vehicle is to be changed, all points remain with the vehicle previously driven.

5.5 Change of Team

See vehicle change 5.4.

6. Events

6.1 General implementation

The races are usually run every two weeks on Thursdays. At each event there will be a qualification (15 minutes) and two races of 100 km in length. The exact dates can be found in the race calendar (navigation on the main page).

6.2 Driver registration and waiting list

Basically, all drivers and teams are registered with the official registration in Discord for all racing events of the respective season.

If a driver cannot take part in an event, he is obliged to cancel the announcement thread for the respective event in good time, at least 2 days before the event.

If a driver for the first time culpably fails to register for an event within this period, he will be warned. If drivers are on the waiting list, the starting place can be assigned to a waiting driver by the race management at the end of the briefing.

In the case of the second culpable failure to cancel a race event, the driver is moved to the waiting list and the first driver on the waiting list takes his or her place in the season.

The race management decides on a culpable omission. If the driver opts out of other participants within the deadline, they should log off the missing participant in the announcement thread within the time limit.

6.3 Maximum number of vehicles allowed

The maximum number of vehicles allowed is: 55

6.4 Conducting the competitions

a) Training

If the organizer can do, a training server for free training is provided all day and all the time between the races. Free trainings are generally not streamed. Special training and test days will be announced in the racing calendar. Special trainings can be streamed by the organizer.

b) Qualification

Each rider has 15 minutes to complete their fastest lap – there is no limit to the number of laps.

ESC ban applies during qualification – This means that a driver must not switch from the track to the pits using the ESC button. If, despite the ESC ban, you switch to the pits, the vehicle may no longer leave the pits in the current qualification. The use of the ESC key is permitted within the pit lane, at your own pit area. The starting grid is based on the lap times achieved in the qualification.

c) Start und Pre-Start

The race begins with the formation lap. It cannot be overtaken! Overtaking during the introductory / formation lap is only permitted if a vehicle was late when leaving the grid and the vehicles behind it could not avoid driving past.

The leader sets the pace, but should maintain a target speed of around 100-130 km/h. The start is on the fly.

The race is approved by the leader.

Early starts punish the game with a drive-through penalty /Stop&Go penalty.

d) Races

The duration of the race is generally around 100 km (including the formation lap) at the SRC Historic DTM 1991. The speed limit in the pit lane is set at 80 km/h on all routes. After the end of the race, the vehicles may drive into the pit lane under their own power. The first three line up for the winning photo at the end of the pit lane.

A second race with the qualifying starting grid can be attended voluntarily by the drivers.

e) Pitstops

The pit stop times are set by the developer. In exceptional cases, the league management reserves the right to make adjustments.

f) Restart

There is no restart after the server has started because individual drivers, for whatever reason, had a disconnect. Restarts due to accidents are also excluded. In exceptional cases, for example in the event of technical problems on the server, the race management reserves the right to initiate a restart. In this case, the originally planned race time will be observed if possible.

g) Tracklimits

The track limits are generally penalized by the simulation. 5 cuts warnings are set on the server side. With the 6th warning, the simulation awards a drive-through penalty.

If the racing commission recognizes an advantage by shortening the track, it can issue separate penalties.

6.5 Racetracks

The tracks are driven according to the specified racing calendar. The appointment calendar can be viewed on the SRC website or in the forum.

6.5.1 Weather conditions

The weather conditions are retrieved live from several nearest weather stations of the race track and initiated into the simulation. A suitable server plug-in is used as a weather data station. For example, weather data can be retrieved via

6.5.2 Track conditions

Each track starts with online posting or update “green” without grip. When the track is used by the vehicles, the grip conditions change dynamically. Rain washes off grip that has already been drilled off the track. Dynamic lighting and weather conditions place high demands on the PC hardware. Therefore, every team must ensure that smooth image reproduction is guaranteed on their own computer in all conditions.

6.5.3 Limitation of the track

The route boundary is indicated by a white solid line. There must always be two wheels of the vehicle within these distance limits at all times.

6.6 Driving aids, damage and aids

In principle, the following server settings apply. Exceptions or special regulations can be found in the advertisement.

  • Automatic clutch and shift allowed
  • Damage 100%
  • Tire wear normal
  • Fuel consumption normal
  • ABS: depending on the vehicle, off on the server side
  • Traction control: depending on the vehicle, server-side off

7. Scoring

7.1 Minimum requirements

To be counted, at least 75% of the total number of rounds must be covered. If the connection to the server is lost due to client-side problems, only the laps completed online are counted.

7.2 Points table and scoring mode

The following points are awarded for the races:

1st place: 20 points

2nd place: 15 points

3rd place: 12 points

4th place: 10 points

5th place: 8 points

6th place: 6 points

7th place: 4 points

8th place: 3 points

9th place: 2 points

10th place: 1 point

For the year-end ranking, all results of the individual races are taken into account.

There will be a 1x100km and a 2x100km championship ranking.

7.3 Equality of points

If there is a tie between several drivers in the final evaluation, the greater number of the first, then the second and the further places of all runs will decide.

7.4 Additional Points

The pole setter receives 1 bonus point.

The driver with the fastest race lap receives 1 bonus point.

The driver who wins the most positions receives 1 bonus point.

Each driver receives 3 bonus points for ending the race by entering the pit lane.

7.5 Team ranking

The points are retracted for the vehicles / teams in the mod.

7.6 Title overall winner

The title “SRC Hirstoric – Champion” or other championship titles are awarded to the driver who has achieved the highest number of points at the end of the season. The winner of the driver’s classification is entitled to claim the starting number 1 for himself in the following season.

8. Protests

An appeal is made to the fairness of the participants. The races are viewed by the organizer. Gross violations will be punished by the race management.

9. TV rights / advertising and television rights

All copyright and image rights are owned by the organizer, including the images that are taken from television broadcasts of the live stream (s).

All television rights of the series, both for terrestrial transmission as well as for cable and satellite television transmission, all video rights and all rights to exploitation through all electronic media, including the Internet, lie with the organizer.

Any type of recording, broadcasting, repetition or reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited without the written consent of the organizer.

Drivers can stream themselves and their race live. The organizer is free to link this stream or to include it in the organizer stream.


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