CrewChief 4

CrewChief 4 is a free external software for racing simulations. The software links to the selected simulation and continuously reads real-time data and gives you, like a real spotter, voice information about the race, vehicle condition, environment, etc. directly to you.

The software helps users who drive with a single monitor setup to better assess the environment.

For example, if there is a vehicle to the right of you, you will hear “Car right”. Is it no longer next to you but still in the dead corner you hear “Right is clear”. You can even talk to CrewChief! An integrated speech recognition recognizes and responds to various voice commands that have been assembled.

The tool is completely in English, but can be explained almost by itself. Nevertheless, we give a small introduction to the installation and the basic handling.

CrewChief’s development team is constantly taking care of the development and providing great support in their forum. Try it out and if you like it, give your colleagues a small donation.

A) Installation

1. Download the CrewChief installation file

To do this, visit the CrewChief website and click on “Download CrewChief for PC” or click on the link “CrewChief installation file“.

Before the download starts, you need to determine a location. For me the downloads folder of Windows. You can then confirm this by clicking on “Save”.

2. Installation

To start the installation, you can access your downloads using the down arrow in your quick browser launch bar and double-click the CrewChief4.msi file.

During installation, you will need to confirm several Windows user requests, accept the Terms and Conditions, and specify the installation folders. Here we do not make any changes and have the application installed. You can see how to do this in the following screenshots.

3. First Start and Update

We set the catch for “Launch CrewChiefV4” during installation. This starts the application by clicking on “Finish”.

Bitdefender Safety Data

Bitdefender-User attention please Bitdefender prevents CrewChief from accessing files. During installation, the following pop-up appears at the bottom right of the screen.

Click “Show details”

Now you need to click the slider on crewChiefV4 to turn it blue.

Due to the constant updating of CrewChief, it is recommended to update the software the first time you start it.


On the first start, you will now see several green buttons. Click on this so that CrewChief loads and installs the update files.

The update runs automatically. Once the files are installed, you will receive a prompt to restart the program. Confirm this by clicking on “OK”

This process can be repeated several times. Run this procedure of the top two points until you get the following screen.

B) Basic operation

CrewChief is easy to use. A few basic elements we explain here.

1. Volume control

First of all, you should turn down the volume controls for the voice volume (left) and the background noise (right). The Chief is definitely not overheard by default.

2. Game settings

Here you simply choose with one click which simulation you use. In our case, this is “rFactor 64-bit”.

It is important at the first start for each game that it is not open!

3. Name and Voice Settings

Now we select our name in the first drop-down menu. The CrewChief has deposited some common names and in some situations addresses you directly with the name chosen here.

In the second drop-down menu, you can select the voice of the “Chief” of your race instructor.

Currently, only “Jim” is integrated here, which simplifies the selection. The third drop-down menu gives you the option to select a different “spotter voice”.

I can only recommend to play around here, to find the most suitable pairing.

4. Voice input settings

At the bottom right of the CrewChief window you will find the voice input area. First, you can decide whether you want to deactivate voice input or in what way you want to communicate.

We will explain this setting in a later guide. But try it yourself!

5. Set CrewChief active

To set the Chief now “sharp” you click on “Start Application” at the top left.

Since it is the first activation of the software, you will be asked to have more files stored in the simulation. You should confirm this message by clicking on “OK”.

If everything works correctly, “Radio Check” will now sound via the speakers and rFactor2 will open in the launcher.

It happens that CrewChief requests a restart of the software at this point, let it do it and then click “Start Application” again.

Now have fun using CrewChief and racing.

Oh, the CrewChief should “annoy” you with messages you don’t need. Under the button “Properties” you can set all Voice options.


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