GTW 2023 – WS RACE 8


The eighth race of the winter season is now coming up. St. Petersburg, Florida is on the itinerary this time. Some drivers will probably be really looking forward to the warm climate, while others will be moaning.

After some of the SRC drivers took part in a 24h Nordschleife race as guests of Virtual Racing yesterday, there are certainly some tired faces to be seen tonight. I hope the boys were able to recover a little and are then fit again to master the city course.

Drivers like Yannick Pleiss, Robin Ricke and Andreas Walter will certainly continue their fight to reach the top of the rankings today. Maximilian Dehn will certainly be putting his elbows out again to hold his own against the rest. Matthias Weber and his WUD crew are certainly well oiled again and are sure to be busy and silent at the front.

I’m curious to see how the VorteX drivers will perform after they misused their Porsche for the long haul yesterday. Marcus Krüger, for his part, has done well in the race and has licked the sweet blood of victory after his win at Watkins Glen.

We’ll see: the qualifying starts at 7.30pm and we’ll know how it turns out this time around 10pm. Tune in and don’t miss this spectacle.

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